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We are adventure seekers and building a home is in it's own way, an adventure. 

Jim embarked on his odyssey in construction during his formative years in high school. Benefiting from his father's ownership of a lumber yard, he immersed himself in the industry, honing his skills through tasks such as deliveries and contributing to framing crews. While pursuing a Construction Engineering degree at Iowa State University, Jim delved into concrete craftsmanship and contributed his expertise to expansive commercial projects in diverse roles. Before delving into the realm of residential home construction, Jim enriched his repertoire with insights garnered from the realm of commercial project management.

Julie, raised in a family deeply rooted in construction and real estate, plays multiple roles as the wife of Jim, the builder, Realtor and project coordinator. Despite her background in fashion and business management, Julie's entrepreneurial journey began at 18, owning a small business which emphasized the importance of building leadership skills and striving toward personal development. She finds fulfillment in caring for her clients and building lasting relationships, values she holds dear in her professional life.

Jim and Julie, parents to five teenagers, share a profound love for the great outdoors. Their family adventures often entail invigorating hikes through picturesque landscapes and exhilarating explorations along rugged Jeep trails. They find solace and joy in camping, whether with cherished friends or beloved family members, creating memories.

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