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Our Clients

Not only building homes, but also life-long relationships with our clients

Dillon Town

Julie and Jim build some of the most beautiful homes. Both do a great job with the building process and working through the extensive process of building a home. Teal Creek goes above and beyond making sure even the little details are not missed to make sure you have the best possible experience. Jim and Julie are not your typical builders as they are truly involved with each home and focus on quality not quantity. Overall they are professional, knowledgeable, great communication, attentive to our questions and concerns, flexible, fair, and genuinely good people. We would recommend them to friends and colleagues without hesitation.

D.J. Bork

Jim & Julie with Teal Creek Homes are very professional, fun to work with, great attention to detail, and work with a great team of trade professionals. I have been involved with and around a multitude of their projects and they always deliver amazing finished results.

Scott Wendl, RE/MAX Precision

Jim is a builder that takes pride in what he does and pays attention to detail. If you were thinking about building I would highly recommend jim. With Jim's engineering and building background, he is second to none.

Tim and Abby M

As a young millennial couple, we wanted to share our experience building with Teal Creek Homes. We were very nervous about building a home, especially during the pandemic. We started our journey by vetting several builders so that we could better understand what we were getting ourselves into. During that process, it became apparent just how lucky we were to have met Jim and Julie. We had been searching neighborhoods for months and luckily found that Teal Creek Homes had some lots in our ideal neighborhood. The first meeting was amazing. Jim was a wealth of information about the home building process. His experience on the commercial side and the fact that he was LEED certified really stood out to us. He was able to show us several plans that we were able to tweak that balanced our needs and our budget. Julie really delighted us with her creativity. She really spent the time to get to know our style and then guided us from there during all our selections so that our home truly felt like our home. Jim and Julie nailed our budget allocations early on so that we were able to make conscious decisions about what we wanted during the selection process. Julie was with us at every appointment and clearly marked what would keep us in or out of budget during a time where prices were fluctuating tremendously. The quality and diversity of our flooring, stonework, plumbing, and electrical options really stood out to us. Julie ensured we made selections in a timely manner so that we could stay on target to close. Julie’s expertise allowed us to make decisions and tradeoffs on options that we really wanted while keeping our budget balanced. Once we broke ground, the quality of Teal Creek’s construction and subcontractors shown through. The quality of materials, their craftsmanship was second to none. During a time of crazy supply chain delays and rising cost, Jim and Julie kept the build on track, and we closed on time. ON TIME! Our neighbors, who were also building, couldn’t get flooring, farming lumber, cabinets, and appliances on time and it’s resulted in substantial delays. Jim and Julie were able to work their magic and its clear they’ve assembled one heck of a crew to accomplish what they did during the pandemic. We didn’t have to make any compromises on our selections due to the supply chain shortages and were kept in the loop throughout the process. We’ve been moved in our home for several months and every day my wife and I say, “We love our home.” That is all thanks to Jim and Julie. If you are in the area and considering building, look no further than Jim and Julie Young with Teal Creek homes. Don’t just take our word for it, just look at the other reviews online and the 2021 Des Moines Home Builder Association Home Show Expo awards, Teal Creek homes swept the competition.

Trent Johnson

Jim and Julie were very professional and fun to work with, usually very quick with communication and updates.

Julie and their design team was very helpful with guiding us in our choices of finishes to make sure everything we chose not only looked good on it's own, but was in harmony with the other choices we had made. 

As another reviewer mentioned, it seemed like almost every time I swung by the house to check on progress that Jim was on site in some capacity to make sure things were proceeding and done correctly.


Karen Olderog

Teal Creek Homes is an excellent custom home builder--smart, professional, knowledgeable, and fun to work with! From the design phase, through build and punch, Teal Creek listened to our "needs" and "wants" and helped to incorporate them into our finished home. Both Jim and Julie were great communicators and kept us apprised of delays, changes and progress during the build. Their sub-contractors were experienced craftsmen who appeared to enjoy building, which is always a pleasure to be around. We are very happy with the finished product and highly recommend Teal Creek Homes for any home building you may have in the future. Great builders, but more importantly, great people! 

Nathan Edwards

From our first meeting with Jim Young we knew we had found the builder of our next home. My wife and I have been through multiple builds and remodels in the past and had a good idea of what we wanted. Jim and Julie made that a reality with our new Teal Creek Home. Jim was on site a lot which gave us a feeling of confidence that everything was being done correct and on time. Jim also kept in contact with us sending us updates on what was happening and what was next on the schedule. Receiving frequent updates was very important to us both and something we really appreciated about Jim. The building process seemed very smooth and seldom were there days that would go by where there wasn’t someone on site working. Having been through the custom home building process before, we knew that things do not always go perfect. You find out very quickly the quality and integrity of your builder in these moments. Jim was up front and honest with us in every stage of the build. He constantly kept in touch with us and let us know if there was a delay or cost impact. Jim also presented his ideas on ways to save money when at all possible which we were extremely grateful for. Jim and Julie went out of their way to assist us in picking out everything from flooring to stone. Their opinions and feedback were always appreciated but it was also great to know that we always had the final say. Jim was also very flexible in letting us select our own materials from stores of our choosing if we wanted. In the end our build was completed on time and to all of our specifications. We are extremely happy with how everything turned out .We want to thank Jim and Julie Young for building us our beautiful new home!

More stories to come

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